1 Alice in Wonderland

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Alice in Wonderland

Written by Melanie Belah

Reviewed by A.V. (age 9)

Alice in Wonderland

Alice and her sister were reading on the bank. Alice got tired after a while so she got off the tree branch and went on the grass. A white rabbit soon appeared. When Alice was chasing the white rabbit she fell right down in a hole. While she went after following for what seemed a long time, she chased the white rabbit into a hall of doors. All the doors were locked. She noticed a key on a very high table. Then she ate some treats she finds in a box which made her very tall. Then, she started to cry. Her tears filled the room with water. She ate more of those treats which make her small again. Once she gets out of the hall of doors she meets some very interesting people. A Cheshire cat, a Mad Hatter, a door mouse, and a Red queen who always yells "Off with Their Heads". The Red Queen challenges Alice to a game of croquet. Alice's head was still attached. The queen won, and Alice runs away being chased by the queen's card soldiers. Will Alice ever get home?

I enjoyed reading this book because Alice took me on many adventures. Another reason why I enjoyed reading this book is because it taught me not to be afraid of dreaming. The last reason why I enjoyed this book is when Alice woke up and realized she was dreaming and she returned home. This book was very enjoyable.

My favorite part is when the Mad Hatter ruined the white rabbit'[s clock that was two days late. Another interesting part is when Alice fell down when she met the queen. The queen was scared of Alice when she grew. My absolute favorite part of the book was when I realized that you can imagine anything. This book is really funny when Alice grew taller or smaller and had many great parts.

This book was really funny because when Alice met all the characters they told her something different. Another reason why this book was funny is because Alice kept on chasing after the white rabbit with the clock. The characters in the story are strange and funny.

I recommend this book to others because it is a funny book. I also recommend this book to others because there is always a problem with Alice and the characters. Finally, I recommend this book to others if you like interesting and adventurous stories.