1 Arthur's Birthday

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Arthur's Birthday

Written by Marc Brown

Illustrated by Marc Brown

Reviewed by B.G. (age 8)

Arthur's Birthday

This book is about Arthur and his family's planning of Arthur's birthday party. Arthur invited all his friends to his party on Saturday, but there was a problem. One of his friends had a birthday party on the same Saturday afternoon. How will the children decide what birthday party to choose? Find out whose birthday party they will go to. Read this book.

My favorite part is when he invited all his friends and played a trick on Muffy, because she was surprised that there was something special for her. This book is special to me, because it makes me happy. I like stories by Marc Brown. He is the author of all of the Arthur books. They all make me feel happy.

I recommend this book, because it will remind kids of their birthday parties. I think first and second graders should read this book because it will remind you of all the presents you got. Read this book, if you're Arthur's number one-fan.