1 Mr. Rover Takes Over

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Mr. Rover Takes Over

Written by Grace MacCarone

Illustrated by Meredith Johnson

Reviewed by Marsha L. (age 7)

Mr. Rover Takes Over

In the story the kids wanted Mrs. Katz. The kids complained about it. The principal said their new substitute was Mr. Rover. He was a dog. Mr. Rover taught the kids to spell. He taught the kids math. Then it was recess. He played with them. Then Mr. Rover said, "Ruff ruff." That meant it was time to go inside. When they went inside their class pet, Mousy, was gone. The kids cried. Mr Rover and the kids tried to find him. Then Mr. Rover found him. Mousy was in somebody's lunch box. They all cheered. Mr. Rover went home. Then Mrs. Katz was back. The kids liked Mr. Rover very much.

My favorite part of this story is when Mr. Rover played catch with the kids because I like playing catch very much. My favorite character is Mr. Rover becasue he is a dog and I like dogs. My least favorite cahacter is Mousy because I don't like mice. This story relates to my life because I had a substitute before and I liked the substitute a lot. This story has pictures and they helped tell the story.

Others should read this story because it is a very nice book with a happy ending.