1 The Wolving Time

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The Wolving Time

Written by Patrick Jennings

Reviewed by Elizabeth T. (age 10)

The Wolving Time

The Wolving Time is a book about the Emberek family. They are people that can change into wolves whenever they want to. The main character is Laszlo the son of the family. Before Laszlo can become a wolf, a girl named Muno sees Laszlo's mom turn into a wolf. This is dangerous because if anyone finds out they may think they are witches and kill them. Then, all these bad things could happen. For example, they could get arrested by Pere Raoul, the priest who tortures people if he thinks they are witches. Laszlo is also scared that his wolf part of him might take over or that being a wolf will change the human part of him so his personality will change. Many adventures happen in this book.

I thought the book was really good because it was about a boy who was no ordinary boy. He wasn't some totally rich boy who got whatever he wanted. Instead his family was shepards and they didn't have very much money. The mother, Rita, was my favorite character in the whole book. She was so friendly to everybody, and she always had a smile on her face. My favorite part was when this girl named Marie France came to Laszlo's house after she escaped from the dungeon. She was nice and she didn't know how old she was. My other favorite part was when Laszlo went into the wolving pool. After he swam through the whole pool, he became a wolf. I like this book because it's a book in the sixteenth century.

I recommend this book because it's about a kid not having a normal life because he can turn into a wolf whenever he wants. Maybe the book is not for seven or eight year olds because there is swearing in it, but a nine year old could definitely read it. It might not be a good book if you don't like a lot of people dying or reading about people being cruel to others. The author's writing style is very special. She wrote this book well, and it flows and doesn't skip any parts that should be in there. I would recommend this book.