1 Bud, Not Buddy

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Bud, Not Buddy

Written by Christopher Curtis

Reviewed by Ian D. (age 10)

Bud, Not Buddy

This book Bud, Not Buddy is about a boy who is an orphan. When the Amos family adopts Bud he has to overcome many obstacles one of which is he gets locked up in a shed. After he gets locked up in the shed Bud runs away, he runs away because he does not like the Amos? and he is in search of something. After Bud runs away he finds a friend named Bugs. Bugs and Bud go to a place where a train was going to pick them up to take them somewhere. When the train arrives Bud is late and Bugs was already on the train. When it begins to pull away Bud is starting to run out of breath. Bugs yells back to Bud, "Bud! Don't stop! Keep running!" Will Bud make to the train and find who ever he is looking for? You'll have to read this book.

I recommend this book to people who like kids in books that go on long journeys. I said that because Bud goes on a long journey, in fact the whole book is the big adventure. I also recommend this book to people who liked the book The Watson's Go To Birmingham because that book is written by the same author. By the way, you can always read this book to get a little information about history and for fun.

My favorite character is Bud because he can make friends in no time with big people. I also like Bud because all the problems he gets in, he always gets out. Something unique about this book is that it has been awarded a Newberry Medal Award and a Coretta Scott King Award. Wow! This story reminded of me when my family and I had missed a train, right when we got there the train started to leave and we missed it, so we just went and watched a movie. My favorite part is almost at the end. If I tell you I will give away the book, so if you read this book you might find out what my favorite part is.