1 The Pinballs

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The Pinballs

Written by Betsy Byars

Illustrated by Ruth sanderson

Reviewed by Ashlee P. (age 11)

The Pinballs

This story is about two boys and a girl that go to a foster home. The youngest is a boy named Thomas J. He was left on a doorstep at a young age. The oldest boy is Harvey; his dad drove over his legs. The girl, Carlie, was mistreated by her stepfather. They all have awesome adventures. If you want to hear the rest, read the book.

I think this book makes me feel sad in a way because the adventures they have can be really sad. I loved the book because it gave some surprises. My favorite part is when they all tell why they had to go to the foster home, because they describe how they feel. Carlie reminds me of myself because I always get mad, and get my way. Carlie changed when she went from a mean snob to a sweet girl.

I would recommend this book because it has a lot of excitement and sadness. I would recommend this book to someone between the ages of 9 and adult. The action, the feelings of the characters are the thing that I love in The Pinballs.