1 Parts

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Written by Tedd Arnold

Illustrated by Tedd Arnold

Reviewed by Jeffrey V. (age 10)

This is a story about a boy that was very normal. The first thing he noticed was that his hair began to fall out. He thought that he was going to get bald. Then he saw a little fuzz on his belly-button. He thought that he was going to get attacked by little pieces of fuzz. The next day, he was playing with his dad's water hose in the sandbox . But then he noticed that his skin was going to peel off.. Every day, he thought that he was going to lose some parts from his body. But later, he decided to use his father' masking tape to stick himself together. His dad told him later that he forgot to tell him that teeth fall out so his mother and his father took the masking tape off of him.

I like the book because its funny when he thinks all his parts fall off. The funniest part of this book is when he thought he was going to turn into a skeleton. The pictures look like real cartoon characters. I felt like laughing as I was reading Parts.