1 Down the Yukon

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Down the Yukon

Written by Will Hobbs

Illustrated by Midhael Wimmer

Reviewed by Billy N. (age 12)

Down the Yukon

Down the Yukon is about a race in canoes down the Yukon River. Jason joins the race because he needs the $20,000.00 prize so he can live somewhere. On the way down the Yukon River race, Jason and his partner, Jamie makes a wrong turn and ends up going the wrong way. But that wrong way ends up being a shortcut. Will Jason and Jamie win the race? Read this book and find out.

I liked Down the Yukon because it is very adventurous, and I like going on adventures. My favorite part is when Jason fell in the water. I liked that part because his dog jumped in to save him and Jason almost drowned. My favorite character was the dog because the dog always does funny things. The author used a lot of descriptive words to describe the river and the places they went. It made the story much more interesting.

I would highly recommend this book because it is very interesting. Something new is happening every time you turn the page. I would recommend this book to adventuress people who like to do fun things outside. I Think 5th graders and up would really enjoy this book. If you like funny, intriguing, and interesting books you should read Down the Yukon.