1 Harold and the Purple Crayon

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Harold and the Purple Crayon

Written by Crockett Johnson

Illustrated by Crockett Johnson

Reviewed by Saury H. (age 10)

This is a story about a kid that makes-believe that he is in another world. He likes to make stuff up. He thinks that there is no moon. He makes a moon. He draws his own. He draws a piece of land. He likes his land. He loves his land. He never told anyone about it. These are some of the things he made, an air balloon, a bed and a boat. He thought he lost his house and he draws a new house. Then he drew his own moon and bed. Then he went to sleep.

This story is a good story because it gives a lot of details. It tells you how Harold wants his world. He draws everything on his wall. I was like that when I was five.