1 Jason's Gold

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Jason's Gold

Written by Will Hobbs

Illustrated by Micheal Wimmer

Reviewed by Kelsey C. (age 11)

Jason's Gold

Jason?s Gold is about a boy named Jason Hawthorn. He travels through all kinds of obstacles to find his brothers who traveled to Alaska to find gold. In the middle of the story Jason finds a dog who was going to be drowned by his old owner. Jason tries to rescues the dog. If you want to find out what happens next, read Jason?s Gold.

My favorite part was when Jason had finally found his brothers after traveling through all of the obstacles. He never gave up so that is what I mostly liked about this book. Jason?s Gold is similar to The Big Wander also written by Will Hobbs because they both involve a boy traveling for weeks, even months. It is also similar to Ghost Canoe, also written by Will Hobbs. Ghost Canoe is sort of a mystery to me and so is Jason?s Gold. My favorite character was the girl that was Jason's friend because she reminded me of myself. I also like poetry just her. As I read the book, I felt eager to discover if Jason would ever find his brothers.

I would recommend this book to people who love traveling. I think that because there is a lot of action. Jason?s Gold is a very interesting book to me especially the surprise ending. I hope you read Jason?s Gold. I think maybe fifth or sixth graders might enjoy this book. Boys or girls would enjoy reading this book if they like to read about adventures.