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Written by Jane Wagner

Illustrated by Gordon Parks Jr.

Reviewed by Clarisa V (age 10)


?Meow,? said Bones. ?Poor little cat.? said J.T. J.T is a 4th grader who finds a one-eyed injured cat in the back of an empty lot of an abandoned house. J.T. takes care of the cat. Some bullies tried to kill the cat. J.T. is the protector of Bones. Something terrible happens to Bones at the end of the story, but J.T. carries on. You will have to read the rest of the story to find out what happens.

My favorite part was when J.T built a little house for the cat because it showed that J.T really cared for the cat. Two of the characters in the book reminded me of my cat and me because I loved and I took care of my cat also. When I read the book I felt kind of sad. It made me think about kids and their cats. The most unique thing about this book is how the book looks. It looks like it is an old book because everything is in black and white. So I think that is unique.

I recommend this book because it is a very good book to read. If you like cats and sad books this is the one you should read. You may be interested in this book because it talks a lot about J.T finding and taking care of a cat. The author writes this book in a very detailed way.