1 Bella Arabella

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Bella Arabella

Written by Liza Fosburgh

Illustrated by Catherine Stock

Reviewed by Miranda S. (age 10)

Bella Arabella

This book is about a girl named Arabella and her cat, Miranda. Arabella overheard her mother and stepfather talking about sending her away to school. She ran into her room and started crying. Then she heard a women talking. She looked up and saw nobody. She heard it again. It was her cat, Miranda. Find out what happens next by reading Bella Arabella.

I think the book is fascinating. I liked it because you find out what it is like being a person and a cat. My favorite part was when Miranda turned Arabella into a cat. I liked that part because that would be so cool for a cat to change you into a cat. Arabella reminded me of myself because I have a cat, I have a stepfather, and if I ask my cat a question it seems like she talks back to me. I found Miranda interesting because she talks, and she was very nice.

I recommend this book because it is funny, thrilling, and surprising. I recommend this book for ages eight and up. I like Miranda because she is adventurous and talented.