1 Journey to the River Sea

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Journey to the River Sea

Written by Eva Ibbotson

Reviewed by Meghan F. (age 12)

Journey to the River Sea

This book is about a girl who lived in an academy all her life until one of her relatives said they would take her in. Maia was very pleased because they lived on the Amazon River. Maia was a very adventurous girl, but you will have to see if any adventures do go on and what they would be.

My favorite part in this book was when Flinn saved Maia from the burning? OOPS! I better not say too much or I?ll tell the best part. The reason it was my favorite part was because it was suspenful. I think Clovis changed the most because he started out being just a scared little boy, but he became a brave, helping friend. This was a great book because of all the excitement and suspense. There weren't a lot of illustrations, but the illustrations that were there are very good because they depict the parts that some books wouldn?t describe. This is like another one of the author's books because they both contain a lot of action and suspense.

I think that anybody who loves adventure and a surprise ending will love this book, I know I did. I think something that might interest the readers is the ending. I was so shocked at what happened.