1 A Line in the Sand

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A Line in the Sand

Written by Sherry Garland

Illustrated by Elizabeth B. Parisi

Reviewed by Jessika S. (age 11)

A Line in the Sand

This about a little girl named Lucinda and her family during the Alamo War. She hopes that everything will be over very fast, but it takes weeks until her brothers, father, and uncle go to fight at the Alamo. She hopes that no one will die while fighting for our country. She had lost her little sister while sailing over to the Americas. When they got to the Americas they made a grave, without a body in it. To find out what happens next just read it.

I like the book because you learn some interesting facts about the Alamo War. I like it when her aunt has a baby and his name is George Washington. My favorite part in the book is when Lucinda has to care for her brother and is strong for the family when they find some bad news. When I read the book I felt sorry and I couldn't imagine having to be like that, it was a crying over book that I loved. I don't cry, but feel really sorry for all the characters in the story. This book reminds me of me because when someone in my family passes away I am strong for my family. I take care of my brothers and my cousins.

I recommend this book for ages 8-18 because it has a lot of learning information about the war at the Alamo and everyone will enjoy it. The most interesting part about my book is how the author writes everything down so the reader can go on an adventure to the past.