1 The Midnight Fox

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The Midnight Fox

Written by Betsy Byars

Illustrated by Ann Grifalconi

Reviewed by Tanner C. (age 11)

The Midnight Fox

This book is about a boy named Tommy who had to go to a farm and then he found a black fox. He never wanted to go to the farm, but his parents tried to convince him. When he was writing a letter to his friend, Petie Burkis, he saw the black fox. The black fox saw him and ran into the woods. So Tommy went after it. Did he ever catch up to the fox? To find out you have to read The Midnight Fox.

My favorite part was when Tommy was imagining a show called "This is your worst nightmare!" and Petie was on the show and there was a table with lots of pizza, but monkeys came in and stepped all over the pizza and it was Petie's worst nightmare. I thought the book was interesting because of the plot. I liked this book because I have never heard of a black fox before, so the book taught me something. I felt so interested in the book that I almost couldn't put it down. It made me wonder if Tommy and the black fox would become friends. This book had a few illustrations and I think the person that drew the drawings draws very well. By looking at the illustrations they look like they were done in ink or pencil and they are black, white, and gray.

I recommend this book for people ages seven and up because I am a little older than that and I enjoyed reading it a lot. People who like to look at the pictures in a book would also enjoy this book because of the wonderful illustrations.