1 Oliver Button is a Sissy

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Oliver Button is a Sissy

Written by Tomie dePaola

Reviewed by Justin S. (age 8)

Oliver Button is a Sissy

Oliver was the kind of boy who didn?t like sports. He was a very calm boy and kind boy. Oliver liked to play with paper dolls and read. Kids made fun of him because they thought he played with what girls like to do. Then one day a talent show was coming up. That?s how he changes. After the talent show he started to believe in himself and he felt better. Oliver was a little kid. I thought he would be nice to meet.

This book was the best book I read this year because it reminds me of me. You should read this book because it?s a good book for kids because it has good words that kids would like. This book teaches kids a lesson because you know not to make fun of kids who are calm and who like to play different stuff than you. Because then they could do other stuff that you like and you can say, "Wow, you were brave to do that!" And you might say, "Let?s be friends, I?m not going to call you names anymore."