1 Red Dog

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Red Dog

Written by Bill Wallace

Reviewed by Becca M (age 10)

Red Dog

Adam and Laurie's mother marries Sam. They live in a cabin in the mountains. Sam has to leave to go on a trip to Cheyenne. He tells Adam to take care of his mother and his sister Laurie.

The next day Adam and Laurie are on one of Sam's trails and three men come walking down the hill. Adam told Laurie that no one has been here for a long time. They watch two men go around the the opposite way to surround the cabin. Then Adam tells Laurie that we must go back to the cabin. Adam runs back to the cabin. He was too late. The three men had beaten Adam to the cabin. If you want to find out what is going to happen next, read this book.

As I read this book I thought that Adam's family was going to die. I felt scared. I never wanted to quit reading this book because the adventure never stopped.

My favorite part is when the little girl dumps coffee on one of the mean men. The girl is so small and that man is so big. That is pretty funny.

I think this book Red Dog is a very good book. It has a lot of sad parts--like when Adam gets shot in the leg.

This book has good illustrations. I think people should read this book because it has a lot of action that will make you not want to put the book down.

I recommend this book to someone that likes adventures with a happy ending.