1 I Can Read About Sharks

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I Can Read About Sharks

Written by C. J. Naden

Illustrated by Herb Mott

Reviewed by Daniel N. (age 8)

I Can Read About Sharks

The story is about sharks. The shark that gives me ?scares? is Jaws. The shark that I like is the Bullshark. In the middle of the story when Jaws appears and attacks ! In the end, he swims away. The book describes various sharks.

My favorite part of the story is when the Tiger Shark attacks the seal. I like it because you can see the shark?s teeth. Jaws is my favorite character because he is big and he has big teeth. It relates to my life because I like sharks and so does the rest of my family. The story has pictures and it helps tell the story. The pictures show what sharks look like.

I think others should read this story because it has cool pictures. Others can learn about sharks too.