1 The Roly Poly Spider

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The Roly Poly Spider

Written by Jill Sardegna

Illustrated by Tedd Arnold

Reviewed by Ashley L. (age 7)

The Roly Poly Spider

The Roly Poly spider spun a sticky web in a shape of a house. She wanted to catch insects for food because she was hungry. She became friends with the insects first. The spider would say you look like lunch to me and then ate the insects. She was so hungry she ate all of the bugs. She even wanted a bedtime snack at the end.

My favorite part of the story is when the Roly Poly spider danced with the caterpillar and were friends. The Roly Poly spider eventually ate the caterpillar. My favorite character is the Roly Poly spider. I did not like the spider eating everyone else in the story. The story relates to my life because the Roly Poly spider had a lot of fun. The pictures help tell the story by making the Roly Poly spider look sad when she is.

Others should read this story because it is funny and a nice book.