1 The Littles

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The Littles

Written by John Peterson

Illustrated by Roberta Carter Clark

Reviewed by Kym A. (age 9)

The Littles

The Littles is about a family that is tiny and lives in the walls of the Bigg's home. When they grew so used to the Biggs being there, a family called the Newcombs move in for three months! The Newcombs do not take care of the house, some mice come and attack the Littles, and, well, you should read the book to find out more. There aren't really any big ideas in the story, but I think the author wanted you to know that you should never say "can't" unless you have tried.

I liked this book because it is like my brother and I since he spends a lot of time reading my books when I'm not there. My favorite character is Tom, the son, because he wants to go out in the open. My favorite part is when Tom fights the mice. The Littles change because they do not like cats in the beginning of the story. By the end of the story, they have a cat friend.

I recommend this book because it is funny and it's a good book for people who don't like to read since it's short.