1 Frindle

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Written by Andrew Clements

Illustrated by Brian Selznick

Reviewed by Candace C. (age 9)


This book was about a boy named Nick. Nick was a sly third grader who disliked homework and tried everything to get out of it, but never succeeded. One day, Nick was at his house doing homework and was watching kids out the window. This reminded him of when he was a baby and had a favorite pen he called ?frindle.? Later he told his friends about this. This event is the beginning of trouble for Nick!

I learned that you can get in trouble for saying things like ?frindle? and other baby words you learned. My favorite part was when everybody in the school starts using the word. I liked that part because it shows every child to be creative. The character I liked the best was Nick. I can relate to Nick because my teacher gives me a lot of homework too.

I recommend this book because it is interesting how a simple word can cause so much trouble. I think if you do not like homework, you would like this story.