1 If You Give a Mouse a Cookie

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If You Give a Mouse a Cookie

Written by Laura Numeroff

Illustrated by Felicia Bond

Reviewed by Allison C. (age 7)

If You Give a Mouse a Cookie

There was a mouse who wanted a cookie. After he got the cookie he wanted some milk. So when the little boy gave him cookies and milk he asked him if he could look in the mirror and for nail scissors. He wanted nail scissors to cut his hair. The little boy asked him to clean up and he got so wild he cleaned up the whole place. He drew a picture and asked for crayons. He asked for scotch tape because he wanted to hang up his picture on the fridge. He wanted a straw to drink and he needed a napkin to clean his mouth. If you give a mouse a cookie he will ask you for milk with it.

I liked it because if you give a mouse a cookie it?ll ask for milk too, and people don?t like to eat cookies without milk. He draws a picture and that reminds me about me and my brother coloring a picture for my mom. My favorite part was when the boy read a book to the mouse, and every time he showed him a picture the mouse jumps out of the bed and that makes him want to draw a picture about him. It was funny because he kept on asking and asking and asking and asking and asking for milk and cookies. I like cookies and milk together because I like to dip the cookies in the milk. He asked for paper and crayons and I like to color too.

I recommend this book to kids because I think they would like it because it will make them laugh and they will enjoy this book. It?s a true book because people ask for cookies and milk because they don?t like to eat them alone.