1 Adam Sharp: Swimming with Sharks

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Adam Sharp: Swimming with Sharks

Written by George Edward Stanley

Illustrated by Guy Francis

Reviewed by Peyton H. (age 8)

Adam Sharp:  Swimming with Sharks

This book is part of a series of books about Adam Sharp, who is a spy. He has to figure out why ships bringing bubblegum to America are sinking. He discovers that remote-control sharks are making the ships sink. An evil general is running the remote control. Adam Sharp tries to stop the evil general menace from taking over the world.

The book is really good. The illustrations are awesome because they are so colorful. They also match the story very well. My favorite part is when Adam tries to knock out the sharks, but it doesn't work. That makes the story more interesting and more fun. This book is part of a series. I think this is the best book in the series because it has the most interesting story and it has the most adventure in it.

If you like adventure then I recommend this book to you. There's a lot of action and adventure in this book. For example, Adam Sharp goes underwater and almost gets attached by a shark. I think people who like Hawaii would like this book, too, because the story takes place in Hawaii.