1 Dear Mr. Henshaw

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Dear Mr. Henshaw

Written by Beverly Cleary

Reviewed by McKenzie L. (age 8)

Dear Mr. Henshaw

This story is about a boy named Leigh Botts. He is in fourth grade. He writes to a famous author named Mr.Henshaw. His mom's name is Bonnie. His dad's name is Bill. He has a dog named Bandit. His dad's a semi driver. His parents are divorced. Leigh and his mom live together and they are poor. He misses his dad and wish he would come home. Finally he comes home to see his mom and him.

I really liked this story because it's funny in some parts and sad in some parts. I laughed when he couldn't get his lunch bag open. It was sad when Leigh's dad never called him "Leigh", but he always called him "kid". My favorite part was at the end when his dad came home to see him. He brought Bandit with him, and he finally called him Leigh. I liked the character Leigh the most. He reminds me of my cousin because she's funny and writes in a diary, too.

I recommend this book because it's funny and sad. This book would be good for someone who wanted to be an author. I think fourth grade and up should read this book.