1 The Ugly Stepsisters

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The Ugly Stepsisters

Written by Walt Disney

Illustrated by Walt Disney

Reviewed by Rachel R. (age 5)

The Ugly Stepsisters

Cinderella lived in a castle. She invited her two ugly stepsisters to come and stay with her. Cinderella had to do all of the work and the stepsisters got to take beauty naps. One day, Cinderella wanted to have a party to find a husband. The stepsisters helped with the invitations, but put them in the wrong envelopes on purpose. Read this book to see what happens to Cinderella and her ugly stepsisters.

My favorite part of this book was when the stepsisters put the wrong ingredients in the cake when they were making it. They tried their hardest to ruin everything for Cinderella. The stepsisters did not want Cinderella to find a husband. This made me sad because they were being so mean to Cinderella.

I would recommend this book to my cousin Joy. She likes to read fairy tales.