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Watchers Rewind

Written by Peter Lerangis

Reviewed by Katie-Lyn G. (age 11)

Watchers Rewind is a very unusual and confusing novel by Peter Lerangis. It is all about mystery and suspense. In the beginning, Adam Sarno is with his friends, Lianna, and Ripley. They are in the middle of the woods playing laser tag. Adam hears someone screaming help, and thinks it is his best friend, Edgar, that is now dead. He starts running toward the lake where he died only to find his other friend Ripley, about to get him in the chest with his laser gun! Lianna comes and helps him up and starts to run with him. Adam falls again. This time he trips on a black bag with a camera in it. They think it is busted. When Adam looks into it he sees the past. Neither of his friends believes him. But when he ?hallucinates? to the point where he has convinced himself he can change the past, the hint that he isn?t lying is sent to Ripley?s mind. Lianna is disappointed. When he saves Lianna?s old dead dog from being hit by a car, and her grandma from being killed in a train accident, he knows he can save Edgar. Adam also thinks he is now the one who killed Edgar the first time. You will have to read the story to find out what happens next.

I have many opinions about this book. I had a favorite part in this book, but it is very hard to understand. My favorite part is when you read to a new chapter, there are black pages that have some sort of conversation going on between two people. From the way they were talking, they must have been undercover. They could have put the video camera in front of Adam and planned what would he do next. Lianna reminded me of my sister. One minute she?s trying to save you; then next tell you you?re wrong and is quite mean! This book was like none other that I?ve read before. It changes the past and brings people back to life. As I was reading the book, I was wondering if I skipped pages and if there is a sequel! It would answer my questions!

I would recommend this book. You just have to read it right to the end to understand the meanings of some parts. I think teenagers or pre-teens would like this book. What interested me and might interest you is how the genre is mystery and it has a lot of suspense.