1 A Straw for Two

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A Straw for Two

Written by Eric Sanvoisin

Reviewed by Whitney D. (age 10)

A Straw for Two

This is a book about a boy named Odilon who drinks ink from books. He's been drinking ink ever since Draculink, the ink drinker, bit him. He wants to share his secrets with someone. One day at school he took his homework paper out and it was blank. Who do you think drank the ink from it? Read the book to find out.

This book has a great adventure. I recommend it to you if you like unique stories. My cousin read it and he really liked it. He even decided to read it again. My favorite part was when Odilon went to Draculink's monument to ask him a question. He was so scared that he almost froze. Read this book!