1 The Twits

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The Twits

Written by Roald Dahl

Reviewed by Courtney M. (age 10)

The Twits

This book, The Twits, is about two odd and stinky people. Their names are Mr. and Mrs. Twit. Mr. Twit has a beard and he gets everything on it. Mrs. Twit has a glass eye that she likes to trick people with. But they both have unibrows!

The Twits play jokes on each other and on some animals, but they are not kind-hearted jokes, they?re cruel jokes. One of the pictures in the book has Mr. Twit painting super glue on a branch in order to catch birds when they land. Once he gets enough birds, he makes bird pie.

The animals that are in the book are monkeys and birds. The things the Twits do to trick them is make bird pie and make monkeys stand on their heads. The monkeys and birds are going to retaliate against the Twits. The monkeys are trying to get out of their cage. How will Mr. and Mrs. Twit feel about the monkeys getting out? Will the monkeys and birds get revenge? Well, if you want to know, then you should read this book.

My most favorite thing in this book is the illustrations because they describe the actions in this book. The character I like the best is the Roly-Poly bird because she is so magnificent. I liked her the best because she has colorful feathers. In the book they are black and white but you can see the color in the book The Enormous Crocodile because it is printed in color. The unique thing about this book is that it teaches you that if you play a trick on someone he will get you back 10 times harder. Well, I think it is a good book, but if some people don?t like gross stuff, then this is not the right book for them. This book reminded me of when I was getting to know the world. I thought that people looked ugly but they are not ugly. (But Mr. Twit is in this book.)

I recommend this book to my little brother Thomas (if he could read) because he looks like Mr. Twit without a beard. But I think that my whole class would like this book because it is funny and my whole class likes funny books.