1 Angelina Ballerina

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Angelina Ballerina

Written by Katherine Holabird

Illustrated by Helen Craig

Reviewed by Mikayla S. (age 5)

Angelina Ballerina

Angelina is a mouse that loves to dance! All she ever wants to do is dance. She didn't want to clean her room or go to school. She knocked over her mother's tray of cheddar cheese pies and her mother said "oh Angelina, your dancing is not good". Her Mom and Dad decide to get a ballet dress and to let her take ballet lessons. Angelina found a purple box that had her name on it. She opened it and found pink shoes and a pink ballet dress. She was so excited that she jumped in her mother's sewing basket! Angelina goes to ballet lessons everyday. She works really hard and when she grows up she becomes a real ballerina!

I like this book because it's cute! I like it because she was a ballet girl. My favorite part is when Angelina went to school on time and she wasn't late anymore.

I think other girls would like to read this book because it is so cute!

(This review was dictated to Mrs. Singleterry.)