1 Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing

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Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing

Written by Judy Blume

Illustrated by Roy Doty

Reviewed by Kylee S. (age 8)

Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing

"Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing" is about two brothers. Peter is the older brother, and Fudge is the younger brother. Fudge always bugs Peter. One time, Fudge touched Dribble, Peter's turtle, and showed it to Mr.Yarby and Mrs.Yarby. Another time Fudge touched Peter's stuff for the flying train committee. Fudge grabbed Dribble's bowl, and when he cut his hair, it fell all over Dribble. This made Peter frustrated.

I like this book a lot because of Fudge. He was the best character. He always made me laugh. The best part was when Fudge ate Peter's pet turtle Dribble. It reminded me of a show on TV when Billy ate a turtle too. I can't believe anyone would really eat a turtle!

I recommend this book because it made me laugh. Fudge always did crazy things. I think fourth and fifth graders should read this book.