1 Library Lil

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Library Lil

Written by Suzanne Williams

Illustrated by Steven Kellogg

Reviewed by Eric C. (age 8) & Greg S. (age 8)

Library Lil

Library Lil was just a library teacher but something went wrong. She became strong and she could lift up heavy equipment. The most important thing in her life was books. She did not think people should watch t.v. because books were more important. There was a big storm and it made a black out. The people couldn?t watch t.v. so Lil came around and gave the books to the people. Bust-em-up Bill and his motorcycle gang wanted to be cool. For them books weren?t cool. Bust-em-up Bill screamed at the pool guy because he wants to know why everyone is reading books and he wants them to watch t.v.. Bust-em-up Bill and his gang went to get Library Lil and stop her from getting all the books to the houses. Then she took the motorcycles and threw them. She said, "Read a book!" and then they listened. Then Bust-em-up Bill and Library Lil got married.

We recommend this book because in the story the motorcycle gang fought over "The Mouse and the Motorcycle" book. If you like motorcycles then read this book. The illustrations are nice. The motorcycle gang and the motorcycle look real.