1 The Boy Who Saved Baseball

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The Boy Who Saved Baseball

Written by John H. Ritter

Illustrated by John H. Ritter

Reviewed by Cody D. (age 10)

The Boy Who Saved Baseball

"We have to win guys! We just have to! The fate of Dilliontown depends on it." Tom Gallagher is a 12 year-old boy who lives in a place called Dilliontown. It's all because Tom had to open his big mouth. Doc, Tom's neighbor, has about two hundred acres of land. He says he's getting too old to own that much land. So he says a baseball game will decide the outcome of his land. Tom's dad coaches the Wildcats. The team thinks Dante Del Gato, who is the best player for the Padres and the player who made the Padres lose the World Series, should coach a team. But who will coach? A strange boy named Cruz De La Cruz comes to Dilliontown just in time for the baseball game. He claims he knows the secrets to hitting. Is he the boy who saved baseball? Take me out to the ballgame and let's find out.

This is a great and entertaining book. I liked it a lot because it's about baseball and that's my favorite sport. Tom Gallagher reminds me of little kids and how they sometimes are shy. He overcame his shyness by becoming a friend and playing baseball with Dante Del Gato. This book isn't like any other book I've read because it's about two great players that save the game of baseball in their own town. As I read this book, I felt sad and it made me wonder if the Wildcats were going to win.

I recommend this book because it's suspenseful and full of surprise especially at the end. If you have a love for baseball, you should read this book.