1 Niagra Falls or Does It?

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Niagra Falls or Does It?

Written by Henry Winkler

Reviewed by Colby S. (age 11)

Niagra Falls or Does It?

Niagara Falls, or Does It? is a funny but strange book. This is a book about a kid that really wants to do well in school. He tries not to be lazy like his parents claim he is. Can you imagine a waterfall in a classroom? That's what Hank did. If you read the book Niagara Falls or Does It? you can find out the rest of the story and what happened.

This book is funny, interesting and different. It is funny because Hank does crazy things to make you laugh at times. It is interesting because you always want to know why he doesn't want to listen. It is different because most books are not like that. My favorite part is when Hank is presenting to the class, because he makes a mess all over the classroom. The principal walks in and gets a surprise. This book is part of a series of six books. It is similar to the other books in the series because the same kid is always doing crazy things. I think that this book is special because it has some elements of a boys' life that I can relate to, such as procrastinating and making messes.

I would recommend this book to 4th grade boys who like not following directions and like doing silly experiments.