1 Beetles, Lightly Toasted

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Beetles, Lightly Toasted

Written by Phyllis Reynolds Naylor

Reviewed by Nicholas K. (age 10)

Beetles, Lightly Toasted

A kid named Andy Mollar wanted to win the Suderman Essay Contest to win 50 dollars and get his picture in the local newspaper. When he went to school, their teacher told her class the subject was conservation. No one liked the subject so the whole fifth grade went on boycott. Andy and everyone else found out that a guy named Jack broke the boycott. Andy and his friends signed up too. Andy did the essay on the possibility of eating bugs and beetles if there was ever a shortage of food. Andy would like to test his theory on his friends.

Will Andy and his friends eat bugs and beetles? Will Andy and his friends get sick from eating bugs and beetles? Will he win the contest? Find out if you read Beetles, Lightly Toasted. I think it was interesting. I liked the book because it was funny. My favorite part was when Andy gave his class the beetles in some brownies. I recommend this book to kids who like funny books.