1 Farmer Duck

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Farmer Duck

Written by Martin Waddell

Illustrated by Helen Oxenbury

Reviewed by Amy L. (age 7)

Farmer Duck

A lazy farmer made his poor duck do all of the work. Every day the farmer would say to the duck, "How goes the work?" While the duck worked, the farmer would stay in bed. The other farm animals were all upset because they loved the duck. So the other animals chased the farmer away and the duck didn't have to work so hard anymore.

My favorite part of this story is when the animals chased the farmer away because to me it was very funny. My favorite character is Farmer Duck because he does all the work. This story does not relate to my life because I go to school. There are pictures that help tell the story by showing what is going on.

I think others should read this book because it is funny, especially when the animals chased the farmer away. It will make you laugh and enjoy yourself.