1 The Cat in the Hat

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The Cat in the Hat

Written by Dr. Seuss

Illustrated by Dr. Seuss

Reviewed by Douglas F. (age 7)

The Cat in the Hat

Sally and a boy sat in the house on a cold, wet day. Then in came the Cat in the Hat. They all played a game. The Cat brought in a crate and two things came out and made a huge mess. Sally and the boy told the Cat to get out. The Cat came back with a machine and put everything back to normal.

My favorite part is when they cleaned up the house because it's a good ending. The Cat is my favorite character becasue he's a problem solver. This story relates to my life because my sister always messes up my room and I have to clean it up. I like the pictures because they help tell the story.

I think everyone should read this book it teaches you to clean up after yourself. Don't try these things at home on rainy days. You can also read about the "Cat in The Cat in the Hat Comes Back".