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Number the Stars

Written by Lois Lowry

Reviewed by Kaeli B. (age 11)

The book I recently read was the book Number the Stars. This book is really exciting. The book is mostly about Jews during World War II. The main character, Annemarie Johansen, has to save her friend from the Germans without getting caught. Her uncle has to bring the Jews to Sweden. Does Annemarie save her friend? Do they make it to Sweden? Well, you have to read the book Number the Stars to find out what happens.

I think the book is the most exciting book I?ve read. I really, really liked this book. I liked the book Number the Stars because it?s exciting, interesting and it tells about some history. My favorite part of the book was when Annemarie had to bring her uncle his lunch. I liked this part because you don?t know what?s going to happen next. I thought Annemarie was the most interesting character in this story. I thought she was the most interesting character because she was very brave and never gave up hope. What was so unique about this book was that Annemarie got away with everything she did, like when the Germans stopped her they let her go they didn?t just take her away. This book isn?t like any other book I?ve read. I felt interested when I read this book. I would always wonder what would happen in the next chapter. It reminded me a little like today because there?s a war now just like in the story.

I think you should read this book because you can learn about Jews and you will really enjoy it. What?s so interesting about this book is that it is during a war, the characters are interesting, it takes place in Copenhagen, Denmark and the author has a very unique way of writing. Ages ten and over should read this book because little kids might not understand what some things are in the book. It would be interesting for some kids because you could learn about some things that happened during World War II.

Kaeli B.
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