1 The Star of the Show

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The Star of the Show

Written by Dena Neusner

Illustrated by Barry Goldberg

Reviewed by Marcelino D. (age 7)

The Star of the Show

This book is about when Clifford went to the carnival two times. The first time he didn?t want to be in the animal show and the second time he did, because he thought that he was eating too much and if he won the show, he would get Tummy Yummies, which are treats for dogs. The first time Clifford went to the carnival, Clifford said ?oh, an animal show!? and then when the animals asked Clifford if he wanted to join in he said ?No thank you.? Then Mr. Bleakman, the neighbor next door, said feeding Clifford must be a hard problem and then Clifford?s father said, ?Clifford?s not a problem, he?s family,? and then Clifford did not hear what his father said. Then Cleo said, ?What?s wrong?? and he said ?I eat too much,? and then he said that he?s going to the carnival and then T-Bone and Cleo said ?you?re not going without us.? They went and Larry said, ?Do you need a home?? During the show the flying animal fell because he lost his balance and then Clifford caught the cow and the flying animal. Then the flying animal fell on the cow?s back and they landed on Clifford?s hand. The Chihuahua carried the weights. And the blasting roller-coaster dog went around and around and they won. Emily Elizabeth, Clifford?s owner, said ?oh, Clifford?s on TV!? When Clifford won the carnival show, he took all the Tummy Yummies home and then Emily Elizabeth took Clifford to the beach with Cleo and T-Bone and her friend and then they all tickled Clifford.

I liked the part when Clifford said he?s not going to be in the show and then he wanted to be in the show because no one ever did that before. I think it?s funny. My favorite part is when Clifford took all the Tummy Yummies home because to me they looked like candy and I like candy and to Clifford I think it looks like desserts. I like when the Chihuahua carried the box and then the weights, because I can?t believe a little Chihuahua can pick up a box with a lot of stuff and heavy weights. I like this book because it was very funny because I never knew a Chihuahua could carry weights. I liked the book because this was my first time reading a Clifford book and my first time seeing the Chihuahua carry the weights.

I would recommend this book to my mother because sometimes when she doesn?t have books to read, she reads Clifford books. Other kids might like the book because I think that they would laugh at it because the book is funny. Anyone who likes Clifford books would like this book. I recommend this book to everybody because I never knew there was a dessert for dogs called Tummy Yummies, and I think people would want to know about it. I think other people in my grade (2nd grade) and maybe some fourth, fifth and sixth graders would like it because it is funny, and people like funny books.