1 The Reptile Room

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The Reptile Room

Written by Lemony Snicket

Illustrated by Brett Helquist

Reviewed by Farhan B. (age 9)

The Reptile Room

The Baudelaires are three orphans. Violet is the oldest and very good at inventing things. Klaus is the second oldest. He reads lots of books. Sunny is an infant who likes to bite. After an awful time at Count Olaf's house, the Baudelaire orphans go to their Uncle Monty's house. Uncle Monty is a herpetologist who studies snakes and other reptiles. He wants to take the children to Peru to find a certain specie of snake. Do they ever get to Peru? If not, why not?

Klaus Baudelaire reminds me of myself because I am always reading books like Klaus. What a coincidence! We both really like to read books.

This book is not like any other book that I have ever read because things don't happen like you expect them to happen. Sometimes when you think something good is going to happen, something horrid happens instead.

My favorite part of the book is when Klaus gets a huge stack of books and reads all of them in about an hour. I really liked that part of the story the best because I don't think that anyone could read that many books in that amount of time. But it might be a good thing to try.

I would recommend this book to third graders and older because some words might not be familiar. Even I had to look up a few words in the dictionary. Anyone who likes to read stories that don't always turn out the way that you'd expect them to end, will like this series of books. I really recommend this book because once you start reading it, you can't stop.