1 Good Work Amelia Bedelia

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Good Work Amelia Bedelia

Written by Peggy Parish

Illustrated by Lynn Sweat

Reviewed by Brice H. (age 9)

Good Work Amelia Bedelia

Amelia Bedilia works for Mr. & Mrs. Rodgers. She is a funny character in this book because she is very silly. Mrs. Rodgers gives Amelia Bedilia a list of things to do. For example, one thing on the list says to fix a sponge cake. So Amelia Bedilia fixes a sponge cake. But the problem is she puts real sponges in the cake. She has a long list of chores to do. Will she get the rest of the chores done right or will she get everything backwards?

I really liked this book because Amelia Bedilia is so funny. She thinks that she's doing things the right way, but she doesn't get anything right. This book really made me laugh because Amelia Bedilia gets everything mixed up so easily.

My favorite part is when Mrs. Rodgers asks Amelia to patch the screen door. This part was hilarious because Amelia uses scrap pieces of material to patch up the door. It's funny because you wouldn't use fabric to fix a door.

The illustrator uses straight black lines to draw Amelia's dress and bonnet. He uses mainly yellows and browns and a few other colors for the rest of the pictures.

This book is part of a series of books about Amelia Bedelia. I have read some of the other books and they are just as funny as this one.

I recommend this book to second graders and older because it is easy to read. Anyone who likes funny stories or has read other Amelia Bedilia books will really like this book, too.