1 My Dog Does My Homework

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My Dog Does My Homework

Written by Shel Silverstein

Illustrated by Mike Moran

Reviewed by Emma S. (age 8)

My Dog Does My Homework

This is a great book because it is so-o-o funny! It isn't a story about a dog who does homework, but it's a book full of funny poems, instead. Some of the poems rhyme, some do not. The poems are different lengths. Most are only one page long, but some are two pages long. This book is filled with 25 very funny poems written by different poets like Shel Silverstein, Jack Prelutsky, Jon Scieszka, Eve Merriam and other poets. Jon Scieszka also gives you ideas of how to write different kinds of poems in this book.

If the title makes you laugh, the poems inside this book will make you laugh, too. The first poem in the book is called "My Dog Does My Homework" by Kenn Nesbitt, just like the title of the book. This poem is so-o-o funny because you know that dogs can't do your homework. But if you have a dog, you know it can slobber, just like in the poem. My three favorite poems are "The Creature In the Classroom" by Jack Prelutsky, "Hi, How Are You Today?" by Jeff Moss, and "The Ice Cream Fountain Mountain" by Eve Merriam. All three poems made me laugh so hard when I read them.

Some illustrations are funny just like the poems. My favorite ilustration in this book is the one about the ice cream. This illustration shows unusual ice cream flavors that you wouldn't find in a real ice cream shop. Some of the flavors in the poem "The Ice Cream Fountain Mountain" are blackberry tuna, chocolate cheese, and orange ice pizza. This makes it funny because they're all made up flavors. I know they're made up flavors because my Dad owns an ice cream shop.

My favorite poet is Shel Silversten. I've read a lot of his poems, but I also like the other poets in this book because they all make me laugh.

I recommend this book to people who love reading and writing poems. The whole book is filled with funny poems and how to write different kinds of poems. I think third graders and older could easily read this book. Second graders would have to be good readers to read these poems because some of the words are hard to read.