1 Treasure Island

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Treasure Island

Written by Robert Lewis Stevenson

Illustrated by Jerry Dillingham

Reviewed by Shivank S. (age 9)

Treasure Island

This is a book about a boy named Jim whose parents own a place to stay overnight called The Benbow Inn. The inn is near the sea. One day an old seafaring stranger comes into town. A few weeks later he dies after having two strokes. Jim and his Mom go into the old man's room to get the money he owes them. Then Jim finds a map and an account book in the old stranger's trunk. Jim goes to sea because the map shows how to find a treasure. Does he find the treasure? Does he return home or is he killed by pirates?

This chapter book has some illustrations. The sketches in this book are black and white. The illustrator uses lead pencil to create the pictures. The drawings do not have a border, but they look like they do because the artist draws to an imaginary edge to make an imaginary square or rectangle.

My favorite part in this book was when the ship's cook couldn't find the treasure. He had seen where the treasure was buried, but now he couldn't find the spot! I was glad that he couldn't find it because he was the mean villan in the story.

This book is from the Dalmation Press Children's Classics. It is a series of books written by important authors of long ago . The books in this series are fun to read. You can't stop reading them because when you think that you are ready to stop, something exciting happens in the story. The books are hard to put down.

I recommend this book to third graders and older because some of the words are very complicated. People who like adventures or stories about the sea will really like this book.