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Harris and Me

Written by Gary Paulsen

Reviewed by Ashely H. (age 11)

Harris and me is about a boy named Gary who goes and lives with his cousin Harris on his farm because his parents drink. Gary does not like it in the beginning. They have a rooster that attacks people. They have no lights except a Gary Coleman lantern. Harris and the rooster get into a big fight. They go on big adventures every day.

I love this book because it is exciting and funny and you never know what is going to happen. It keeps you on the edge of your seat. It is different than other books because it has all adventures and emotions. Sometimes it is funny. Sometimes it is sad. It is very cool. My favorite part was when they got in a fight with a rooster because it hates people a lot.

I recommend this book to EVERYONE. It is amazing and cool and funny it is good for all ages but it is a little challenging because it has big words. This book is for people who like advancer and funny happiness. If I would rate it out of 1 and 10 it would be 1000!!!!!!

Ashely H.
is a student in
The White Tigers