1 Dinosaur

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Written by Julie Michaels

Illustrated by Alan Batson, et allii.

Reviewed by Daniel N. (age 8)


Plio found an egg. She called her dad, Yor. Yor thought it was a monster. It was not a monster, it was a friendly Iguadon named Aladar ! A meteorite came and destroyed their home, then they met a herd. They met a couple of friends, Emma and Baylene. They fought off the carnotaurs ! They finally found the nesting grounds. The dinosaurs had babies.

My favorite part is when the carnotaurs show up because they are cool ! My least favorite character is Kron because he?s nasty. Aladar and I are both adopted. The pictures help tell the story because if you don?t know a word you can look at the picture.

I think others should read this story because they will learn something about dinosaurs.