1 Cowboy Mickey

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Cowboy Mickey

Written by Cindy West

Illustrated by Guelle

Reviewed by Natalie D. (age 7)

Cowboy Mickey

Mickey Mouse was very busy packing his suitcase. Then Minnie Mouse said "Hurry !". Mickey said "I've always wanted to learn how to ride a horse." "And I always wanted to be a cowgirl." said Minnie. Then Goofy raced in saying "I'm all packed up and ready to go. I want to learn how to ride a horse and to twirl a lasso." When Mickey, Minnie, and Goofy got to the Luck Star Rodeo, a cowboy named Bob taught them how to ride a horse. He taught Goofy how to lasso. And finally, the day of the rodeo is here. Then a parade came then Minnie asked Bob where was Mickey. Nobody knew. But Mickey was still asleep ! He forgot to set his alarm clock. The parade woke him up. He got dressed as fast as he can. Then he went out and went to the arena and jumped on Bronco. Bronco went very fast. Then the announcer said "Mickey Mouse has broken the world's record in riding Bronco."

I like the part when Goofy dashed into the door and said "I'm all packed up and ready to go." because he's all shouting out that he's ready to go. My favorite character is Mickey because when he forgot to set his alarm clock it was his responsibility. It relates to my life because I had to try my best when I was 6. The pictures helps tell the story and if it didn't have pictures, it would be boring and not active.

They should read this book because it teaches you how to be responsible and should keep on doing your best.