1 The English Roses

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The English Roses

Written by Madonna

Illustrated by Jeffy Talrimari

Reviewed by Abegail Y. (age 7)

The English Roses

Once upon a time, there were 4 girls named Nicole, Amy, Charlotte, and Grace. The girls were all friends. But one day, the girls had a sleep over. Then they fell asleep and they all had the same dream. Then a fairy godmother came and told them about a girl named Binah. She told them that she was a lonely girl the lived with her dad. She only did chores. Then the next morning, they thought about what happened. They said they will be nice to her. Then they saw Binah. They said to her that they can be friends. They invited her to a picnic and did homework together and had a good time.

I like the book because it teaches you a lesson about how important it is to work hard and because it is a fine book. My favorite character is the fairy godmother because she is nice and looks pretty in the pictures. This story relates to my life because it shows that there could be such a thing as a very hard working girl. The book had beautiful pictures and they helped tell me the story.

I think others should read the story because it teaches you to be nice to others, to work hard, and has nice pictures.