1 The War with Grandpa

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The War with Grandpa

Written by Robert Kimmel Smith

Illustrated by Richard Lauter

Reviewed by Megan B (age 10)

The War with Grandpa

The War with Grandpa is about a boy named Peter and his Grandpa. Grandpa moves in with Peter and his family. Peter has to move out of his room and move to the third floor. Peter doesn't like it. He wants his room back. He doesn't like his new room. His friends say it smells. The war starts between Peter and his Grandpa.

Peter writes a Declaration of War to Grandpa. Grandpa makes Peter late for school. Peter sets Grandpa's alarm on his clock to go off in the middle of the night. Grandpa writes to Peter and puts the note in the box of a game that Peter and his friends want to play. Peter wants his room back and Grandpa has to stay in his room. Peter has learned a important lesson from the war. He learned that war can be mean.

It was interesting because Peter tried to get his room back from his grandpa. I enjoyed the book because it was funny. In the middle of the book, Grandpa took Peter's clothes and hid them out of his room. Peter was mad at Grandpa because he made him late for school. A special friendship grew between Grandpa and Peter.