1 David Goes to School

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David Goes to School

Written by David Shannon

Illustrated by David Shannon

Reviewed by Joshua O. (age 7)

David Goes to School

This book is about a boy named David who went to school for the first time. This little boy is bad because he doesn't pay attention. He doesn't keep his hands to himself, and he doesn't wait his turn in the lunch line. He gets into a lot of trouble.

I think this book is the best because it shows David chewing gum in class. The gum was the size of David's mouth. I think it was funny when David was tardy. It was funny because he was smiling, and I think he was tardy because he was sleeping too long. I think this story is a good story because it's about school.

I think my little brother would like this book because he will like school. My cousins, little sister, and my friends would like it too because they would like the pictures.