1 A Pocket for Corduroy

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A Pocket for Corduroy

Written by Don Freeman

Illustrated by Don Freeman

Reviewed by Dane H. (age 6)

This book is about a brown bear with green overalls, named Corduroy. The girl carries Corduroy to the laundromat, and then she puts him on a chair. He starts to get off the chair and he goes in the bag on the counter, 'cause he thinks it's a tunnel. The girl went to check on Corduroy and he wasn't there! The man puts Corduroy in the washing machine and puts his overalls back on Corduroy. Corduroy saw powder that looks like snow, but it wasn't snow; it was powdered soap. At the end, the girl made him a pocket and wrote his name and put it in his pocket.

My favorite character is Corduroy 'cause he's cute and fuzzy. He reminds me of a kid, because he explores like a kid. My favorite part is when the bag looks like a cave, but it was just a bag for clothes. I liked it when he slides on the soap too, because it looks like fun! I think the pictures are interesting because they look real. I think a little kid would like this book if they are a kid who likes books about bears.

(This review was dictated to Mrs. Mantooth)