1 Little Bear's Trousers

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Little Bear's Trousers

Written by Jane Hissey

Illustrated by Jane Hissey

Reviewed by Riley P. (age 5)

This book is about a stuffed bear who loses his trousers. Trousers are an old-fashioned name for pants. Little Bear looks for them. He asks some toys if they know where his pants are. He asks a dog, and a bunny and a camel. One of the animals used his pants to frost a cake! They were getting ready for a party! Duck washes his pants, and then they all eat cake.

My favorite character was Dog, because he helped with the cake. My favorite part was when they ate the cake, because I like to eat cake and the cake in the book looks like good cake! This book makes me think about the book "Corduroy" the bear. I think everybody would like this book because it's about animals looking for Little Bear's trousers.

(This review was dictated to Mrs. Mantooth)